Saturday, April 13 2024

Former Tesla CISO joins Vimeo, NCC welcomes new board members, and Greenway Health hires new CISO.

Video sharing platform Vimeo welcomes Mark Carter as their first chief information security officer. Carter has a variety of experience in the industry including serving as chief information security officer at Tesla.

Greenway Health, a health services software provider, named Don Kleoppel as their new chief information security officer. Kleoppel most recently served as vice president and chief security officer for health information technology service company Cerner.

The National Cybersecurity Center, a non-profit that aims to better integrate cybersecurity initiatives into different parts of society, welcomed three new board members. The new members are Gretchen Bliss, director of cybersecurity problems at the University of Colorado, Mark Rasch, an author and attorney, and chief information security officer Ray Yepes.

IntelePeer, an AI and analytics powered communication platform, hired Gary Starling as their new chief information officer. Starling comes to the CISO position from within IntelePeer where he served as vice president of information technology and security.

Arlington, Texas Government has hired their first ever chief information security officer, Bryce Carter. Carter joins Arlington after being a senior information security analyst for the City of Bellingham.

Venture capital firm with a focus on national security Marlinspike Partners named Charles Carmakal to its advisory board. Carmakal is currently the chief technology officer for Mandiant Consulting, a cybersecurity consulting provider.


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