Thursday, May 30 2024

Salt Security appoints executive vice president of product, AXIS Capital names head of cyber and technology, and Sevco Security hires first global general manager of compliance.

API security company Salt Security appointed Ori Bach to executive vice president of product. He previously held the same position at Mend, an application security company. Bach was also CEO and vice president of product at TrapX Security, a cyber detection technology company that was acquired by cloud data protection company Commvault. Bach will use this experience to supervise the global product team and refine Salt Security’s API protection platform.

Specialty insurer AXIS Capital named Lori Bailey as the new head of cyber and technology. Bailey brings her extensive experience as the former chief insurance officer at cyber insurance firm Corvus Insurance. In her new role, she will lead the global cyber and technology team, working towards achieving the insurer’s financial objectives.

Chris Strand joined Sevco Security, an IT asset management visibility and cybersecurity company, as global general manager of compliance. The first person to hold the role, Strand will spearhead efforts to get clients to use the company’s new 4D asset intelligence platform for their compliance programs and cybersecurity needs. In a press release announcing the hiring, Sevco Security founder and CEO JJ Guy said, “Chris Strand eats, sleeps and breathes compliance, and we are thrilled to have him join the team to help us ensure that the platform aligns seamlessly with the major compliance frameworks that keep our customers up at night.”

Ori Bach (left), Lori Bailey (center), Chris Strand (right)

The board of directors of CheckRed Security, an SSPM and CSPM platform, announced that Pat Clawson is the new CEO. Clawson has over 20 years of leadership experience related to cybersecurity innovation and will lead the company’s global initiatives to secure SaaS and cloud environments.

Cyber defense company HolistiCyber appointed Lord Jonathan Evans to its advisory board. Evans brings his 30 years of experience in the Security Service, including serving as director general of MI5 from 2007 to 2013, and will help to shape the company’s nation-state grade cyber defense solutions.

Auditing and accounting firm DLA, LLC welcomed Robin Cyrus as the firm’s new managing director and head of national cybersecurity practice. In her new capacity, Cyrus will develop and implement cybersecurity strategies, manage risk and compliance programs, and lead initiatives for clients to enhance their operational efficiency and security measures.

Additional reporting by John Powers.

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