Monday, June 17 2024

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Push Security, a SaaS security company, has raised $15M in Series A funding. GV (Google Ventures) led the funding with participation from Decibel and notable angels, including Dug Song, co-founder and former CEO at Duo Security, and co-founder and CEO Rich Waldron. GV General Partner Karim Faris and Jon Oberheide, co-founder and former CTO of Duo Security, have joined the board.

To ensure Push was scalable, able to support the smallest to the largest organizations, and that the product could provide a fully self-service purchasing and onboarding process, the company was focused on strong UX and building the right features after launching in July 2022. Now that the company can focus on commercial success, Push has seen a 14X increase in revenue in the first quarter of 2023.

Push Security is launching a host of new features to help security teams take control of their SaaS portfolio:

  • Browser-Based SaaS Account Discovery Tool. Because it is the only platform to operate in the browser, Push enables a deeper, more complete assessment of user accounts employees have created that could be vulnerable to password guessing, credential stuffing, have been exposed as part of a prior breach, or are missing important security controls such as MFA.
  • Just-in-Time Notifications Empowering User-Led Compliance. Alerts are directed to security teams and employees through Slack and Microsoft Teams instant notifications to prevent employees from creating security issues, such as prevention of password re-use or weak passwords. With one click, employees can take action to secure their accounts.
  • Managed Browser Extension Deployment. Push can be installed via managed Chrome, Group Policy (Microsoft Active Directory), or Mobile Device Management (MDM) to every employee browser to ensure complete coverage.
  • Detection of Risky Third-Party Integrations. A new dashboard allows security teams to see all SaaS integrations connected to core platforms (Google Workspace and Microsoft 365), with warnings if those integrations are doing anything suspicious or malicious, or asking for excessive or risky permissions.
  • ChatOps Messaging for Security Teams – Now Push administrators can receive notifications in Microsoft Teams or Slack channels to get alerted immediately when a new third-party integration is detected or a user contacted via ChatOps confirms that a mail rule looks suspicious.

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