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AT&T AlienVault Products Review: OSSIM vs USM

Ellie Buscemi

AlienVault is now the technological basis for AT&T AlienLabs and provides multiple products for different companies’ cybersecurity needs. What AT&T AlienVault Products are Available? In December 2021, CISOstack reported that AT&T intended to acquire AlienVault to expand its cybersecurity offerings to more businesses. Two years later, AlienVault-based offerings make up a large portion of AT&T’s […]

Photo by Simon Kadula on Unsplash.

Navigating Manufacturing IIoT Cybersecurity Challenges

John Powers

Guarding the Gears: Government policy and industry collaboration to mitigate cyberthreats to manufacturers. The smart factory is on the rise. Production lines equipped with advanced sensors can monitor equipment health in real-time and predict potential issues before they disrupt operations. Temperature and humidity sensors can ensure the optimal environment for delicate manufacturing processes. RFID-enabled asset […]

Best Microsegmentation Software

Ellie Buscemi

Microsegmentation allows a company to divide digital assets into smaller, more secure groups, which makes it harder for cybercriminals to take over a company’s data center. What is Microsegmentation? Microsegmentation refers to cyber professionals building layers of cybersecurity protection between groups of digital assets or individual cyber assets. Adding these layers inside instead of only […]

Best Breach and Attack Simulation Platforms

Ellie Buscemi

Breach and attack simulation (BAS) platforms allow companies to see weaknesses in their cyber infrastructures before a malicious hacker can exploit them. What Is BAS – Breach and Attack Simulation? Breach and attack simulation (BAS) is an approach to cybersecurity that uses advanced tools to imitate the attacks used by cybercriminals on companies’ digital infrastructure. […]

Ofer Ben-Noon and Ohad Bobrov

Palo Alto Networks to Acquire Talon

Ellie Buscemi

On Monday, Palo Alto Networks agreed to acquire Israeli startup Talon Cyber Security, an enterprise browser platform. The deal values Talon at between $600 to $700 million, according to The Information. Palo Alto will integrate Talon’s enterprise browser solution into its Prisma SASE product. The acquisition comes among a wave of acquisitions and releases involving […]

Cyber Executive Moves: Expel, AXA XL

Ellie Buscemi

Expel appoints a new chief product officer, AXA XL announces a new chief executive and DataVisor appoints a new chief revenue officer. Expel, a security operations provider in Herndon, Virginia, appointed Yonni Shelmerdine as the new chief product officer on Aug. 28. Shelmerdine comes to Expel from SentinelOne where he was the vice president of Product Management, endpoint […]